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#XTREMETEAM member Israel "The Prodigy" Borge big plans for 2017!

12/16/2016, 12:00pm EST
By Associated Wrestling Press

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Curtis Borge is father to Israel Borge, an extremely talented young wrestler and member of Xtreme Pro Apparel’s #Xtremeteam.  By the age of four, Israel had already competed in numerous tournaments across the country, and he is currently looking forward to continuing his success at more RMN events this year.  Israel is very proud to have been chosen for XPA’s #Xtremeteam, and loves seeing the other athletes wearing XPA gear at these events.

While being a father is already a full time job, Curtis is also a visionary looking to make a positive impression on other elite wrestlers.  Even while being in the Army and the coach of their fight team, Curtis still finds time to follow his passion, and dreams of opening his own wrestling academy in the near future.  Even now, Curtis houses a number of elite athletes during the wrestling season, and helps them with all of their training needs along with Israel.  When he is able to open an academy, Curtis would like to employ the same method he is currently using at home, which includes individual attention to every wrestler in order to meet their unique needs.  He also makes sure to give each athlete a complete training regimen, including a focus on academics and nutrition as well as strength and conditioning and wrestling practice.  Specifically, Curtis teaches a defensive wrestling style, which makes him different from most of the other elite academies out there.  He also plans to provide dormitories and kitchen facilities for athletes who live out-of-state.  Overall, his academy would be a one-stop-shop where parents of athletes can drop off their kids and let Curtis handle all of their training needs.

Even while working towards his dream of opening his own academy, Curtis is also working with Israel on his individual goals for the current wrestling season.  This year, Israel is aiming to win the TriState Belt, the Trinity Award, and his third state title.  He would also like to maintain his title of Outstanding Wrestler, which he won three times last year.  Since he has already faced all of the wrestlers in his age and weight groups, Israel’s main focus is on personal improvement and learning.  He reviews videos of all of his matches with Curtis in order to identify what works and what needs to be fixed so that he can stay ahead of the game and keep evolving.  In fact, other wrestlers are often looking to test themselves against Israel’s skills.  While Curtis calls Israel’s talent “God-given,” his stellar work ethic and love for training no doubt have also helped him to accomplish what he has.  Curtis also stresses that always being humble and respectful is the way to success.  If Israel is any example, Curtis’s methods are clearly working!


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